Why the Denny’s Restaurant Menu is So Great

Why the Denny’s Restaurant Menu is So Great

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What started off as an omelet and pancake place has now become one of the most famous diners in the world. Denny’s, today, operates more than 1600 restaurants in over 16 countries. This American restaurant chain has smoothly transitioned from being the hangout place of night owls to a place that caters to the tastes of all.

Denny's Restaurant Menu Example

Since its inception, Denny’s has come a long way, not just in terms of international presence and financial growth, but also its menu and the food served. The staff at Denny’s has also constantly worked to evolve Denny’s menu to comply with the evolving taste of its customers. This American chain that was pivotal in promoting the diner-style concept across the world now has a dedicated kid’s menu and serves free food to kids on all Tuesdays. Denny’s menu has also paid ode to famous Hollywood movies, such as The Hobbit, Solo: A Stars Wars story, and Fantastic Four, in the past.

Denny’s was also one of the first restaurant chains to understand the developing obsession of the Americans with bacon. In 2011, the restaurant launched an all-bacon menu, which, unfortunately, it pulled off later. When the company opens an outlet in a new location, it always ensures that Denny’s menu caters both local and international flavors and balances between the classic and innovative. In Japan, Denny’s Jambalaya, cajun-style rice served with chicken, shrimps, and vegetables, is very famous. Apparently, the Jambalaya that Denny’s makes is so appetizing that the company now sells a mass-version of it in the country.

Denny’s menu includes items that range from $2 to $300. It’s 4 a.m in the morning and you are only left with $3 after a heavy night of partying. Don’t worry. Denny’s will ensure that you eat to keep that imminent hangover at bay. The diner’s value meal allows people to choose between a cheese quesadilla, French toast, pancakes and sundae for just $2. Conversely, if your pockets are loaded and you are craving to spend that money on delectable food, try the Grand Cru Slam at Denny’s NYC outlet. The fiesta includes a bottle of vintage champagne, Dom Perignon, two grand slam meals, and will set you back by $300.

I have been a major fan of Denny’s for years now. I have had date nights at Denny’s and I have also worked on my presentations while biting on their finger-licking sandwiches. I have been to Denny’s in more 20 cities and here are my 3 top picks from Denny’s menu.

My Top Three Picks From the Denny’s Menu

1. Loaded Veggie Omelet with Hash Brown: Until two years ago, I never watched my weight. However, once you hit the 40s and your metabolism takes a beating, you feel compelled to replace that burger you have always liked with a more healthier option. The Loaded Veggie Omelet is my first choice from Denny’s menu. With the gigantic portion of zucchini, tomatoes, and mushroom, this omelet will ensure you have hit your daily veggie target and those golden brown crispy hash browns are to die for.

2. Lumberjack slam: I discovered my love for Lumberjack slam on a work trip to Dallas. Denny’s Dallas was quite close to the hotel I was staying at. One day, I had an early meeting and did not have time to wait for the hotel’s lavish buffet to open. I stopped by Denny’s and tried their Lumberjack slam, mostly because I had had a couple drinks the night before, followed by no dinner. I was starving. The lumberjack slam is genuinely the biggest breakfast I have ever had. It includes pancakes, ham, sausages, eggs, bacon, hash brown, and bread. I don’t think I ate again that whole day. Every single item on the Lumberjack Slam tastes heavenly and it’s great value for money. I wouldn’t recommend eating it every day, but this is one great option for your cheat days.

3. Alaskan Salmon: This is yet another favorite of mine. It’s healthy, scrumptious and super affordable. The portion size is actually a little big for one person. The salmon is usually served with mashed potatoes and broccoli, but you can swipe these for other options. I usually go for rice in place of mashed potatoes.

I have said it before — I am a big admirer of Denny’s and Denny’s menu and I stop by whenever I can. If you haven’t tried this place yet, I highly recommend you try their menu soon.


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